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+965 9225 6777

For all enquiries

Saba St, Block 10

Salmiya, Kuwait

09:00 - 14:00

Sunday - Thursday

Early Years

Welcome to Foundation

Gulf British Academy’s Early Years Foundation programme for Pre-KG, KG and Reception classes aims to meet the standards set out in England’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum framework. We promote learning through play and activity based teaching.

We recognise that children learn differently and at different rates, so we provide a creative and varied Foundation programme to ensure your child has the opportunity to flourish. This is a very important stage in your child’s education and we strive to foster a love of learning and exploration in order to prepare your child for Key Stage 1.

A day in the life of...

The Reception timetable is very flexible and often changes in order to fit the needs of the children. Lessons can be shortened or extended as needed.

7:30am – The day starts at 7:30am for pupils and we begin with circle time. This is a time for teachers and pupils to talk and discuss, share ideas, sing songs and form relationships and good communication within the classroom community. Once circle time is finished, we move on to phonics.

8:05am – Phonics is a vital part of the Reception classroom and it builds the basis for reading. There is a big emphasis on the teaching of phonics and it forms an important part of the day. Children begin by learning the sounds that individual letters make and slowly move on to blending these sounds together to read words.

8:40am – Break time. A chance for pupils to put the learning and prime areas of development into practice through playing with their friends. Reception do not eat at break times. This is solely a chance to “learn through play”.

9:00am – Snack time. This is the opportunity for children to eat in a relaxed and informal manner.

9:10am – From 9:10am until 12:20pm, pupils will cover all areas of development from Literacy to Personal, Social and Emotional development.  Lessons are taught in an interactive and play-based manner with a mix of direct and indirect teaching. Each Reception class timetable is different in order to fit in specialist lessons such as music and Arabic.

12:20pm – Formal teaching stops at 12:20pm and the Teaching Assistants take the bus children to catch their buses. During this time, non-bus children have “free play” or story time.

1:00pm – This is the end of the day for our Reception children and parents come to collect their children from the classrooms. We take great care to ensure we are fulfilling our safeguarding and child protection duties at GBA, so children will only be sent home with a known adult.

Prime areas of development

The early years leaning goals are based on three prime areas of development and four specific learning areas:

Communication and language

Using a variety of situations, emphasis is placed on listening, understanding, attention, and expression through speaking and answering simple questions.


Here we focus on developing spatial awareness and manual dexterity as well as instilling the importance of a healthy diet, physical exercise, and basic hygiene.

Personal, social and emotional

Through activities and speaking in groups, we promote confidence and self-awareness, and encourage children to play co-operatively with empathy and good behaviour.

Specific learning areas


Focus is centred on learning simple reading and writing skills, developing phonic knowledge and understanding the basics of what is being read and written.


Learning covers basic counting, sharing, subtraction, addition, shape recognition and measurements using objects and basic mathematical language.

Understanding the world

We encourage pupils to observe and talk about their surroundings and their lives, and how they themselves are similar or different to other children.

Expressive arts and design

Exploration and imagination is the focus here. Children sing, dance and make music. They learn through play as well as paint to express their own ideas.

Early Years Curriculums and Expectations

KG Curriculum Overview

Download the curriculum overview for KG (pdf).  It covers Terms 1, 2 and 3, and summarises the topics that will be covered across the core subjects.

Reception Curriculum Overview

Download the curriculum overview for Reception (pdf).  It covers Terms 1, 2 and 3, and summarises the topics that will be covered across the core subjects.

End-of-EYFS Expectations (by end of Reception)

Download the end-of-EYFS expectations (by end of Reception).  It outlines where we expect your child’s learning to be for Maths, Writing and Reading by the time they leave Reception (based on the New National Curriculum).

Please work on these targets with your children throughout the year.  This will support the work we do and help to ensure they achieve their full potential.

Reception High Frequency Words

Download High Frequency words for Reception (pdf). Children in Reception should be able to read and spell these words by the end of the school year.